Thursday, February 12, 2009

Inglorious Bastards

Do you ever see something and can't help but say to yourself "Are you kidding me?" Or, "Is this a joke."

The newest movie by Director Quenton Tarantino (Pulp Fiction, Jacky Brown, Kill Bill) is called Inglorious Bastards and tell the story of American soldiers killing Nazis with little to no remourse or inhibitions. And it stars, along with some of Tarantinos regulars, one Mr. Brad Pitt.

Now, I am not a guy scared to admit I am indeed a fan of Brad. Hell, I even like "Meet Joe Black", and like owning the iPod Photo, I am the only one I have ever met with that distinction. That said, "Are you kidding me?" "Is this a joke?"

I know I'm gonna love this movie. Just from the bits of the cinematography I could see from the teaser, I know It'll be beautiful. Quentin's writing and directing demands and generates the embodiment of "Cool", thus the movie will be as such.

But Brad, WTF?

First of all, put your eye brows down. I haven't seen someone furrow their eyebrows as much as I have seen him doing it lately. Its like someone "Mr. Potato-headed" a furrowed brow to his face ever since he grew his "WWII stache".

Case in point.

Second, Stop with the voices in movies. I already sat through two hours of you sounding like an elderly goblin doing his best impression of Gambit from the X-Men in "...Benjamin Button", now this? A cross between "Slingblade" and Christian Bale's Batman Voice.

Thirdly... ok, damn it, this movie is going to be awesome... And everything I am saying is pointless. Tarantino could direct a game a Yahtzee and I would love it. And I am probably missing the tone of this film and jumping to crazy unsubstantiated conclusions before seeing it.

I can admit that.

But, seriously. The Eyebrow thing has to go.

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