Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Celebrate St. Louis with Musical Mediocrity

So the line-up for Live on the Levee Summer 2009 was announced recently, and it's good. Maybe mediocre in the header is a bit harsh, but what can I say, I like alliteration.

No huge names, but overall I'm impressed and excited.

Many might not agree, but I am a really big fan of Counting Crowes. They'll take the stage July 4th.

Some say they never lived up to their potential or dreadlocks, but I disagree. Butterfly in Reverse, Round Here, Color Blind and of course Mr. Jones were great songs, and reamain so today. Sure their set list is fraught with covers that appeared on Shrek Soundtracks and easy listening radio, but hey... you gotta make money these days. I still like them and am proud to say it.

The rest of the list looks good as well:

Lupe Fiasco
Sonic Youth
Gretchen Wilson
Angie Stone
Nat and Alex Wolff (for the kiddies)
Little Feat

I'll be there for at least 4 of these. 50%; thats a good percentage.

It's always free, fun and perfect on a nice St. Louis evening.

Let me know if I'll be seeing you there.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Deal is Dead

So remember this post. Just Yesterday. Ehemmm... forget that.

The merger is off.

The best way I can explain it is NGAGE and Hughes were like two young lovers. We were super into each other, finishing each other sentences, similar goals and aspirations. Both of us liked Hugh Grant movies and preferred Reese's Cups to Pieces (if you get what I'm saying). Peas and Carrots as Forrest's momma would say.

Then we decided to get Married. Take the plunge. So we started moving in together just weeks before the nuptials. And then the bickering began. NGAGE always leaving the toilette seat up, Hughes taking up all the closet space. Nagging, differences of opinion and disgusting habits that had never been part of the relationship surfaced.

It was clear that the wedding had to be called off, for each party to remain awesome and retain their friendship.

C'est la vie.

Awkward Family Photos

My buddy Tom Buchok tweeted about this today, I think this site is really funny. It's called AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com, and the content is fairly self explanatory. I like making fun of people that are doing something completely innocent and that was intended to be personal.

Ones like this:

With the caption:
Never before has a birthday cake photograph been so chilling.

Love it.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Does your iPhone look like this?

If not, you should think about joining the club!

NGAGE now Hughes...

Sorry I have been out of sorts lately. I was on vacation, where I destroyed at least 5 burritos, frolicked on 2 beaches and took in a whole lot of sunshine in San Diego. Also, work has been crazy lately. We're cranking out a website and promo pieces for Astound Sound. They're an audio software that takes your compressed music and movies and expands the sound without stretching it. Its pretty incredible, and the work we're doing for it is very cool. The new site should be live in a couple weeks. Here's the banner I'm working on now, just to give you a sense.

But also, we found out a few weeks ago that my company NGAGE has merged with an agency known as Hughes, and that we are going to retain their name. Hughes has been around for more than 30 years, and has about 30 clients. Scottrade, our biggest client, will remain so for Hughes, but we are also bringing our other beautiful clients, much needed digital expertise and agency culture/brand. Here's some of our combined work, I did some of it.

As I said, Hughes has been in existence for over 30 years, and has seen at least two generations of Hughes at the helm. They have been profitable, versatile and extremely thorough. They specialize in the front end, and the back end. The research, and the PR proliferation. We are charged with bringing them a better creative product, opening doors in the digital space and most importantly breathing some new life and freshness into the company.

The immediate question from everyone when I tell them is, "Is your job ok?" The answer is an overwhelming yes. First off, I plan to approach the situation like my job is in danger, even though it's not. I'm going to dominate. But, lets go through the list of pluses in my court:

1. Hughes is an agency that falls more in line with my educational background (though I feel like my education may have been a bit outdated), and NGAGE has prepared me for where Hughes and the marketing world is moving. I'm covered.

2. My Creative Director will remain my CD, and immediate boss. This is huge, and if I was jumping onto a whole new creative team, I think I might be a bit more concerned. Though new creative thinking is never a bad thing, it's nice that I am on the inside of this transition.

3. I don't have to move offices again. Hughes (South Campus as we're calling it) is coming here. Which means a new creative floor. Thus less shushing from the AEs and more creatives being creative; collaborating. Never a bad thing.

4. More clients. More variety. We're like Y98 over here.

5. New people, more people. Fresh blood, fresh ideas. More business contacts. More growth potential.

So, I'll keep you guys up to date on how I feel moving forward, but as of now, I'm pumped.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Ahhhhh... San Diego

So, I have to apologize for disappearing for a week or so. Work has been crazy, with lots of news on that front.

Plus, as I type this (on my iPhone; forgive the typos) I am over looking Mission Valley in this $1million house at the top of the bluffs, in classy San Diego, California. Note: to anyone looking to visit here for a week with more than 5 people, check out renting a house. This has been an awesome experience, with tons of personal space, for not much if any more than two hotel rooms.

We came out here to visit my brother (in law), who graduated last week from the Navy SEALs B.U.Ds Program. It's a really big deal! Very few make it to this point, and I am really proud of him.

We've beached it up, and we'll be there again today. Had Mexican food at least three times. And saw the sites, both touristy and military.

I'll write more and post pics when I get back, then get ready for 10 days of new posts.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Death and Life of the Kurca

So I live vicariously through Scott Lichtenauer lately, but I wanted to post his latest project for all, especially my Kansas City Slavic loving friends.

The Sugar Creek Slavic festival is a local event filled with slavic food, dance and garb. His current agency Salva O'renick in KC handles the promotion of the event every year, and has made Scott the point man for the past few years. He has dominated each time, especially given the nonexistent budget and zero time allocation.

This is this years installment.

Its a sort of who done it, Kurca (pronounced Kur-cha) murder mystery. Your three suspects are Borislava Jaje (the bakers wife, who fell in loving with the womanizing Kurca), Vlatko Ovaca (a peace loving shepard, enraged by the dissapearance of his flock) and of course Belbog Harmonika (plays "The Chicken Dance" on the squeeze-box like an angel, but has been silenced by the Kurca seemingly uncontrollable desire to destroy when hearing his rendition). Scott is Belbog by the way.

Check it out, as well as his normal blog The Surly Birds.