Thursday, July 15, 2010

First Step: Admit You Have a Problem

I have a problem.

My name is Rob. I have a Hood Internet addiction. Two posts in two days brought about my moment of clarity.

That said, this Mixtape which I downloaded yesterday (and am just listening to now) is incredible.

Hood teamed up with Anatomy Magazine to produce Side A of their Great American Mixtape

I won't lie, it didn't hurt that they mashed two of my all-time favorite songs. Lil' Troy - "Wanna Be a Baller" and and T.V.O.T.R. - "Wolf Like Me". That may not even be a great track, but to me it the most incredible thing I have ever heard. I nearly fell out of my chair when it kicked-off.

Here it is:
07 Lil' Troy (feat. Fat Pat and Yungstar) x TV On The Radio - Wanna Be A Wolf Like Me

Anyway, while I work on finding a new musical experience, you enjoy.

Did I mention Side A and and B of the Great American Mixtape is FREE when you opt in to Anatomy Magazine.